PetaPixel Article and Donations

A recent Petapixel article I wrote about my efforts to get paid for my photos has apparently struck a nerve, and several people have urged me to start a Patreon page. Not one to turn down money, I made one and you can find it here. 

Also, folks, I decided not to name the company that screwed me over for a reason: when I tagged their company's page in my initial facebook post misguided friends of mine spammed their page with one star reviews. That company has suffered enough damage to its reputation. I have no desire to create a further pile-on.

Since the Petapixel article went up, people have been hitting multiple longboard brands, including Landyachtz Longboards, one of my best clients, with negative reviews. This is not at all helpful. Those guys have hired me many times and always pay me quickly and without hassle. Please stop trashing their reputation on Facebook. If you want to do something to help me out, buy a Landyachtz or Madrid board and tell them I sent you.